Palestinian Ambassador Visits North Maluku Province

TERNATE, MALUTTODAY.com – The visit of the Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia, Dr. Zuhair al-Shun to North Maluku Province was welcomed by the governor KH Abdul Ghani Kasuba at Sultan Babullah Ternate Airport. Friday (1/11/2019).

The Palestinian ambassador and his entourage arrived at around 15:35 CEST, the first governor shook the ambassador’s hand while speaking in Arabic, at the entrance of the Palestinian ambassador’s airport in a typical North Maluku clothes.

While holding hands with the ambassador and the governor to the Sultan Babullah Airport VIP longue, the two looked cool chatting for about 20 minutes, with a tight escort from the Ternate Police (Polres), under the direct supervision of the Ternate Police Chief, AKBP Azhari Zuanda, the group left the airport to the grand dafam hotel.

Palestinian Ambassador’s visit this time lasted for 3 days from 1-3 November 2019, while the activities include, a seminar in the velliya hotel Ballroom, on Saturday (11/02/2019), on that occasion Zuhair al-shun will talk about celebrating 102 years Balfour Declaration, People’s Struggle Palestine in Liberation Al Aqsa Mosque and Independence Palestine from Israeli occupation.

Furthermore, on Sunday (11/03/2019) there will be a grand tabligh with the theme of Palestine as well as to stay in touch with the people of North Maluku, scheduled to also be attended by the cleric Deri Sulauman and the al-Aqsa Working Group. (®)